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Ready to take the next step in your faith? 

Baptism is a public display of your inward decision to be a Christ follower.  It is a declaration of your faith, and Cypress Point rejoices with everyone who has decided to follow Jesus!

Baptism services are some of our biggest annual celebrations!

Check back soon for our next Baptism Celebration!

Start here

Welcome home!

Your next step of faith may be to join Cypress Point Church in reaching our community and loving our world.

Join the Start Here membership class with our Lead Pastor, Dean. This is a small group opportunity to learn all about The Point:     

      *who we are

            *where God is leading us

                   *what it means to be a member

Join us for our next Start Here class:

* Date:  Sunday, 10/21 @ 12:30 pm.

* in the 56 room at The Point.  

* Lunch & Childcare will be provided.

Interested? Let us know by clicking here.