jump start

Jump Start is  a meeting for kids, teens, and their parents who want to learn about salvation and baptism.  If your child or teen is interested in baptism or has questions about salvation, you and your child/teen should attend. 

Jump Start is Sunday, March 29th at 1:30 p.m. in the Youth Center (DP). 

Children & teens wishing to be baptized are required to attend Jump Start with their parent or guardian in order to be eligible to be baptized.  

To register, click here.

baptism bash

Baptism Bash is a family event celebrating a young person's decision to follow Jesus! It's a party! It is a day that a kid or teen is baptized. It involves family and friends. If your child or teen is interested in being baptized, plan to attend the  required Jump Start Class. 

To register for the Jump Start class, click here.