C.P.Kids on campus

Hi CPC family and guests,

We are super excited to welcome you to our CPKids programs on campus. 

Our rooms for children birth through 4 years old will be open each Sunday at 9:30 & 11 a.m.

Our rooms for 5 years old through 6th grade will be open each Sunday for the 11 a.m. service.

DP for 7th - 12th graders will be open each Sunday for the 9:30 a.m. service!

We are happy to provide a safe, fun way for children and families to connect with God's amazing truth. 

Looking forward to seeing you soon,

Pastor Hettie

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Click here to view the details for Adventure (5 years - 4th grade) 

and 56 (5th and 6th grade)

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CP Kids

Birth - 6th grade  

In our CP Kids children's program, we're dedicated to connecting kids to a loving God, building lasting friendships, and helping kids contribute to changing the world. We believe that kids have the capacity to walk intimately with God. We love to see them learn about Him and connect with Him through Bible stories, energetic songs, art and games.

Beginning May 23, our CPKids programs will be open at the following times:

Adventure Jr, birth - 4 years old, 9:30 & 11 a.m.

Adventure and 56, 5 years old through 6th grade, 11 a.m.

Check in

Nothing is more important to us than the safety and security of your children. That’s why we’ve chosen KidCheck  to bring you the best experience and to allow us to partner with you to keep your children safe.

You can create your account from the comfort of home.  Creating your account prior to your arrival is quick, simple, and helps your child's first check-in go faster so your kids can start connecting, having fun, and learning. 

Once you’ve created your account, simply use your 10 digit phone number to check-in with us or anywhere you see the KidCheck logo.


Birth - Age 1

We cherish babies. In this room, they are loved and treasured. Their unique needs are met by well-trained volunteers, who do not mind a little drool or spit up. Babies experience a happy and safe place where they begin to learn about God with a simple story and songs. Those that are mobile are encouraged to explore this room of wonderful educational activities.


Ages 2-4

Loving trained teachers engage with your child as they begin to connect with God on their level. With a classroom and curriculum for each age and caring teachers to lead the children, there is no babysitting at the Point!


Kindergarten - 4th grade

Kids have a blast learning about God. The Adventure room is created especially for these busy kids. They make new friends by playing a variety of games. The fun continues with a high-energy music time. Kids are encouraged to love God through singing and motions. Bible Time is an opportunity to learn from God’s word. Through the use of dramas, puppets, & videos, kids enter into an experience that captivates their attention. 

Small group time is a great way to further friendships and to see how the Bible lesson applies to their everyday life by asking these questions: What does it mean for me at home? What does it mean for me at school? and What does it mean for me on the playground? Learning to live life with God and with each other is what it is all about. Your kid will love it!


5th and 6th graders

56 is a Sunday morning experience for kids in 5th or 6th grade. It is the best of both worlds. The cool 56 room is located inside the main building, and is were kids come to connect with friends in their own space with highly trained, fun, and caring adult leaders. They experience high energy music, a helpful message created just for their age and stage, and connection time. It's an outrageously wonderful bridge for kids to connect with a loving God, awesome leaders, great friends and ultimately transition into the extraordinary Student Program, DP. 


7th - 12th grade

Our Student Program, The Dwelling Place, 

provides an environment where 7th - 12th graders can get plugged in, 

meet new friends, and grow in their faith! 

Service times:

Sunday Mornings,  9:30AM

YOU belong here!

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