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Life change happens for 7th - 12th graders in DP.  Want to know more?  Scroll down.

  • Meet TJ.

    Once a member of our student ministry, now a leader.  He is making a difference in the lives of students who are now where he once was.  He has seen life transformation happen in the lives of students and continues to lead and cheer them on as they grow.

  • Meet Emani.

    "Before coming to the DP I wasn't really deep in my faith and I didn't really take it seriously.

    When I was introduced to the DP I was immediately embraced by loving people, and some of them are my favorite friends now.

    I started serving on teams like the worship team in the DP, and I'm also a leader at Camp Adventure in the summers.  These areas have really helped me grow since I've been here.

    Now I'm surrounded by loving people who I really adore. I really appreciate it.

    Thank you for investing in me. 

    I am your legacy."