4 things

We've designed the Cypress Point Church experience so that guests like you can sit in our services for a bit and check everything out.

However, when you’re ready to take the next step, we want to help you do that. 

It’s very simple! If you want to plug in, there are really only 4 things a fully engaged person does.

The benefits are overwhelming for the individual. 

But collectively, when the church is filled with families living out these four things, 

nothing can stop our influence in New Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Zephyrhills, and the World. 

They're four simple things that not only give the church momentum, 

but catapult your faith, too. Take a minute to read about each one.

CONNECT in a community group

SERVE on a volunteer team

GIVE to the mission

INVITE friends who aren’t here yet

  • Connect in a community group

    Community Groups are integral to life with Cypress Point Church. As our Church grows larger on Sunday, we also grow smaller during the week. Community Groups are THE way to meet new people, grow in community, and grow in your relationship with God. We encourage everyone to be involved in a Community Group. 

    Join us for our next GroupLink  

    where you can meet Community Group Leaders

    for new groups forming and join a group!

    Want to stay informed about GroupLink and more?  

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  • Serve on a volunteer team

    The impact of your service will change lives

    and change your life!

    Serving together is a great way to do something you love with people you like.  Each week, the hard work of the volunteers at Cypress Point make what we do possible.  

    Ready to start serving and make new friends?  

    Just send us a quick email

    or text ServeCPC to 888-CPC4ALL (888-272-4255)

    and we will respond quickly to answer your questions

    and share some opportunities.

  • Give to the mission

    Generosity is a sign of a growing Christ-follower.  

    "Just as you grow in everything in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in earnestness and love... see that you also grow in the grace of giving." 

    2 Corinthians 8:7

    Want to know more?  Click here.

  • Invite friends who aren't here yet

    We all get to be a part of this church because someone was kind enough to invite us.  We get to share that invitation with friends and family so they too can find an authentic community and real hope.

    This is why we encourage our attenders to build relationships with people who are not yet connected to a local church, and when the time is right, to invite them to one of our environments.  We call this "invest and invite". We know how great life is in community, and we want that for everyone.