kindergarten - 4th grade

Your child is invited to connect, learn, and have fun this Sunday!

Adventure is an exciting time for Kindergarten - 4th graders at 9:30 & 11am.

  • Wondering what to expect?

    The Adventure room is created especially for busy Kindergarten through 4th graders to have a blast learning about God. They make new friends by playing a variety of games. The fun continues with a high-energy music time. Kids are encouraged to love God through singing and motions. Bible Time is an opportunity to learn from God’s word. Through the use of dramas, puppets, & videos, kids enter into an experience that captivates their attention. 

    Small group time is a great way to further friendships and to see how the Bible lesson applies to their everyday life by asking these questions: What does it mean for me at home? What does it mean for me at school? and What does it mean for me on the playground? Learning to live life with God and with each other is what it is all about. Your kid will love it!

  • Online Content

    Can't make it to Cypress Point this Sunday?

    Click here to watch the Bible lesson video for this week!

    Parents, download the Parent Activity Guide for some fun follow-up with your child.

  • God and Me Time

    Help your child establish the habit of spending time with God.

    Download our free resource, God and I Time, available by age group below.

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    2nd & 3rd graders

    4th graders

  • Faith Resources

    Looking for help guiding your children through spiritual discussions?

    Download our discussion guide to help parents and kids talk about salvation and trusting Jesus.

    Download our free Faith Conversation Guide.

    There is a guide for every stage, preschool through high school.

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