Meet the Leaders

  • Kelly Hamlett & Doug Timothy

    I love that I get to do life with a group of people that come together to share all aspects of themselves; the exciting times, the stressful weeks and even the sad moments. There's nothing better than having a group of people that choose to be your family. And choose to be there for each other. I am excited for this year's group and excited to lead. Everyone is welcome to this group, single, divorced, widowed, couples, married doesn't matter....YOU are welcomed.  Cannot wait to do community with you!!!! - Kelly

    I have been going to small groups for a long time.   The way I have been blessed the most is that the phrase “Church family” becomes a reality.  The people around become your friends and before you know it, they are family.   Come experience what the Family of God is supposed to be! - Doug

    When: Sundays, 1:00pm

    Location: Cypress Point Church

    For: Everyone


  • Matt & Karen Petit / Rus Adams

    Community groups are the backbone of a growing church; giving us all the opportunity to build friendships while growing closer in our relationship to God. We look forward to breaking bread with you in our home for fellowship, spirited discussion, love, support and spiritual growth. 

    When: Sundays, 1:00pm

    Location: Cypress Point Church - 56 Room

    For: Everyone


  • Robin Grace & Debbie Krutsinger

    There is nothing like getting together with women who have a passion to know God Heart in a deeper way! We are all equal, just like a donut. All having their own testimonies. Helping each other get through their storms by the Grace of God that lives in each of us. Feeling blessed to see God work through each of us. We sing together, pray together, laugh together, support each other and sometimes we cry together. We are all sisters in Christ! I love these ladies, and so will you- Robin Grace

    When: 1st & 3rd Tuesdays, 7:00pm

    Location: Cypress Point Church - 56 Room

    For: Ladies


  • Harvey & Shana Hunt

    We have been in community groups for most of our married lives.  God is the center of our marriage and having a community group to help us stay focused on God is important to us.  The church is not the building, the church is the people, that is why community groups are so important.  The groups have been there through the wonderful celebrations – weddings, births, retirement, as well as through the tough times – deaths, health issues, and the struggles of daily life.  We have grown closer with the members in our groups and consider them to be friends/family.  We know that each of us is only a phone call away or a text away.  Sharing life together with God at the center is the best way we know how to do it.  We would love to have new friends and our current friends join us on Wednesday nights to learn more about what Pastor Dean and other guest speakers have to say.  May God bless you and nudge you to join a Community Group and enjoy life with Cypress Point Church. 

    When: Wednesdays, 6:30pm

    Location: Cypress Point Church - 56 Room

    For: Everyone

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  • Dan & Martha Swoverland

    Here at CPCC, we found a wonderful community that inspired us to grow in our faith. We have served on various teams, but the challenges of life forced us to seek a stronger, more intimate, support network. It was through the work of our Community Group and CPC Marriage Ministry that we were able to keep God at the center of our marriage and in the forefront of our focus. After all the love and support that we were blessed with here, we want to pay forward and maintain these groups in the hope that they help others just as much. 

    When: Wednesdays, 7:00pm

    Location: Cypress Point Church - Adventure Room

    For: Couples


  • Bob & Kathy Kollasch

    We've been at Cypress Point Church for 18 years now.  Over the years, Community Groups have been a great way for us to connect with the amazing people at Cypress Point.  We're excited to host a new group to develop great new relationships and help others see how great community can be at Cypress Point. - Bob & Kathy

    When: Thursdays, 6:30pm

    Location: Wesley Chapel / Zephryhills

    For: Everyone


  • Young Adult Leader TBD

    Connecting and doing life together is important at every age but can be especially tough as a young adult. This group is designed just for you to create a space where you can be you and explore life together. While this group is going through a transition of leadership know the goal is still to connect, grow and learn together. Sign up to stay in the loop and get more information. 

    When: 1st & 3rd Thursdays, 7:00pm- Currently on a break

    Location: Cypress Point Church - DP - In the Attic

    For: Young Adults


  • Rus Adams

    I am involved and lead a community group because I think they are vital to growing as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

    Being active in a community group is important for several reasons.....

    o Fellowship

    o Discipleship

    o Encouragement

    Some of my closest friendships over the years have started in groups like our Community Groups at CPC. - Russ

    When: Saturdays, 8:00am

    Location: Cypress Point Church - 56 Room

    For: Men


  • Ron & Sandy Sharp

    We moved to Florida 17 years ago from Kentucky. Shortly after moving here, we started attending CPC. In an effort to meet people and make new friends, we started leading a community group. What we got was so much more than just a new group of friends. It became our extended family. We love, encourrage, and pray for each other through life's joy and pain. Along the way, we have a lot of fun at our group time and social events. All this while learning God's word. What more could we ask for?

    We would love it if you would join us. Married, single all ages are welcome. 

    When: Wednesday, 7:00pm

    Location: Wesley Chapel

    For: Everyone