Don't let your questions about God wait any longer.

Like lots of people, you may have some questions about God. But you aren't looking for someone to lecture you

on what to believe. You want someone who is helpful, who has been where you are and has questions of their own.  

Sound familiar? We have just the thing. Starting Point is a small, casual group setting

where you can discuss your doubts and explore faith, free from pressure and judgement. 

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What is Starting Point?

Starting Point exists to be a safe place to ask questions about Christianity, explore faith in Jesus, and express doubts with no judgement. It is a conversational environment where each group member is encouraged to participate.

What Starting Point is not:

* A class

* A presentation

* A place for people who have all the answers

Who should join Starting Point?

* People who are curious to explore faith in Jesus

* People who are just beginning a relationship with Jesus

* People who are returning to church after a time away

* People who are seeking to figure out what they believe


What to expect:

* Leaders don't have all the answers

* No one is trying to "fix" anyone else

* You don't have to believe anything at the end of the group sessions

* We hope to find common ground, no matter where we land in our faith

Logistics of Starting Point

* Four weekly Sunday sessions in the CPC office, with the option to extend and additional 4 weeks if desired

* All sessions will be 11 am - noon

* Books and Bibles are provided

* Online resources at

* All book work and online work encouraged, but not required

* Registration is required. Space is limited in order to keep each group small.